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Doggie Daycare Information and Requirements

  • Doggie Daycare with Hotel Services $10 additional per day

  • Doggie Daycare Single Day $20

  • Weekly Rate $110 (6 days)

  • Monthly Credit Rate $330 (20 days)

  • Monthly Cash or Check Rate $320 (20 days)

    Doggie Daycare consists of two separate play spaces, depending on the size and needs of each animal.  The large dog room does allow those small breed dogs that think they are big dogs in a little dog’s body.  The small dog room is more for older and smaller breed dogs that need a quieter and less active space.  They have more space to curl up and take a nap on a cozy bed if that is what they prefer.

All Hotel and Daycare guests get three to four walks a day.  This allows them  to get exercise, some fresh air and gives them a chance to eliminate outside, keeping our hotel and daycare more sanitary, and smelling fresh!

Small snacks are given morning and afternoon and water is available throughout the day.  If your pet needs a noon meal we will be happy to make sure that happens if you bring the meal.  This is important in puppies.

Free playtime is all day long with special activities as time permits.

All daycare guests must be spayed or neutered.

All daycare and hotel guest must be vaccinated for Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella and Canine Influenza Virus. 

We are no longer accepting daycare or hotel dogs with high degree of separation anxiety.  Depending on the breed or size of your dog, we have the right to refuse, due to our limited space and well being of our current doggies.  Sometimes adding a new dog to the pack disrupts the pack, so we do reserve the right to turn away dogs that do not fit in.

Although we love all breeds of dogs, we reserve the right to refuse certain "Bully Breeds" .  Please e-mail me (Nada Cagle - Owner) directly at cupamperedpet@gmail.com directly if you have any questions regarding this policy.

All daycare guests must complete an application prior to staying in the facility.  

All dogs will be given a first day evaluation at the standard rate, to determine if our facility fits their individual needs.


Pampered Pet Hotel andDoggie Daycare

Shadow, the front Shiba Inu was our very first Doggie Daycare client, seven years ago!  He still attends.  

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